Speaking of Values

by Emma Fossey, Neil McLennan & Gary Walsh

Speaking of Values is a publication that explores values in society through a number of unique insights from people across Scotland from different sectors, backgrounds and settings. Values are essentially motivations: sets of beliefs and principles that guide how we live our lives. They are complex and multi-dimensional. The aim of the book is to help navigate some of that complexity in a way that everybody can read and relate to. All proceeds from the book go towards a selection of charities.

The book explores a range of values, from benevolence and charity to stimulation, power and achievement. It is accessible for all readers – from school students to professionals and anyone with an interest in values, learning and personal development.

You can purchase a hardback or paperback copy of Speaking of Values and find out how you can support the charities involved by clicking here: Speaking of Values

Click here to download a free copy of the book in PDF format

Are you working on ‘values and visioning’ in your team, community or professional setting?

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