Work with Gary

Career Studio & Character Scotland in Cupar.

Gary Walsh FRSA MSc PGDE

I am an educational facilitator, researcher and consultant. I am available to work with practitioners, policy makers, children, young people, parents and communities across Scotland. My goal is to support those I work with to explore a variety of ideas, principles and approaches related to the following:

  • Values (professional, social and personal)
  • Values and citizenship education
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Character development
  • Critical and social pedagogies
  • Equity and social justice

I can share some tools, frameworks and ideas that I have come across over the years to help those I work with to develop their own approaches, thinking and ideas regarding these complex issues. This can be done in a variety of professional and community settings including school training days or meetings, residential events, conferences and collaborations involving a number of organisations or groups.

There are no clear answers or definitive strategies that we know will ‘work’ when it comes to these complex issues. My view is that we should be open and attuned to continual learning and reflection, always recognising the fundamental roles of individual circumstances, social contexts and the quality of relationships at all levels.

Each school, youth group, family or community will have their own ideas about how to support the capabilities of children, young people and those who work with them. My approach involves using dialogue as a means of learning: working with people instead of delivering prescribed solutions to them.  I seek to develop an understanding of the current situation, goals and challenges, I offer some ideas to stimulate thinking and I help to shape and facilitate the resulting conversations, challenging and stretching the thinking of all involved including myself. In doing so I aim to make sure that all of my work reflects the values of equity, social justice, inclusion and participation.

If you would to discuss the possibility of working with me in this way please get in touch using the form below in the first instance.

Thank you for your interest!